09/05/2014 03:45 EDT | Updated 11/05/2014 05:59 EST

Commuter parking lot thefts net four arrests in Aurora

Four men are facing charges after police say more than 40 vehicles were stolen from commuter parking lots across the Greater Toronto Area.

York Regional Police began an investigation in early June into what they say were "multiple sophisticated auto thefts" from the parking lots.

Investigators say the thieves targeted imported automobiles that were parked in the same locations of the lots each day.

It's alleged the thieves tampered with door locks to get into the targeted vehicles, then electronically manipulated their computer systems, allowing them to start the vehicles and drive off.

Police say it's believed some of the vehicles were to be shipped overseas, while others were destined for automotive shops across the Toronto area, to be dismantled for parts.

So far, 14 vehicles have been recovered as a result of the investigation.