09/05/2014 06:16 EDT | Updated 09/05/2014 06:59 EDT

Jamesons Pub Bouncers Allegedly Beat A Patron Bloody (VIDEO, GRAPHIC TWEET)

A video showing some bouncers at a Calgary bar allegedly beating a violent patron into a bloody mess has been circulated online.

The video, provided to Metro News, shows two door staff apparently holding a man on the ground and landing blows on his body outside Jamesons Irish Pub on 17th Avenue S.W. on Sunday.

An image of the patron obtained by The Calgary Sun shows his face and hands covered with blood.

Witness Vikrum Kandola had left another bar with some family on 17th Avenue when he saw the scene and told the bouncers to stop, according to Metro. His cousin Harman Kandola took the video.

"I've seen a lot of fights in my time but when you see a two-on-one like that and the guy’s obviously not even resisting any more — he’s just kind of on the ground laying there – it was really shocking," Vikrum told the paper.

"I got up close and I could hear his head knocking off the ground. I was surprised the guy was conscious at all and there was blood everywhere — the bouncers cleaned it up very fast. We told them not to, there was a pool of blood."

The bar said that the unidentified man was ejected after he harassed women and started a number of fights.

He threw punches at a bouncer and threatened to kill him before bar staff hit back "in self defence," said a Wednesday statement.

A staffer said he was worried about his safety because he didn't know whether the alleged attacker had a weapon on him.

Calgary police will have another look at the video before deciding whether to charge anyone, though Global News quoted a spokesman who said the doormen were just doing their jobs.

"The victim slash offender in this incident was very aggressive and assaultive toward the bar staff," Sgt. Jason McDonald told the network.

"So the door staff felt they had to make themselves safe, and make their patrons feel safe as well."

CTV News said the patron, not the bouncers, could be charged.

Here is the statement from Jamesons Pub:

Statement From Jamesons Pub by Jesse Ferreras

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