09/06/2014 09:22 EDT | Updated 09/06/2014 09:59 EDT

James Franco At TIFF 2014 Sends His Fans Into Hysterics

Judging by the amount of cyber screaming and crying that happened Saturday night in Toronto, it's safe to say that James Franco was one of the most popular celebrities at TIFF 2014.

As soon as the actor made his appearance on the Toronto Film Festival red carpet, Twitter lit up, with tons of fans furiously typing out their love for the star, and posting lots of photos and selfies.

Here are just a few of the dozens of Tweets that contained a lot of, um, respect for Franco.

This person was obviously really excited:

This person didn't care that you could barely recognize James Franco in the selfie 'cause OMG JAMES FRANCO:

This person has a lot of time on their hands:

Ok, so it's pretty clear (to us, at least) that ladies and gents love their James Franco, and who are we to judge? The 36-year-old "Palo Alto" star, who recently shaved his head for a movie role, looked pretty darn cute in a classic monochrome suit and a beanie.

But James wasn't the only celeb who looked hot at TIFF...

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