09/09/2014 06:24 EDT | Updated 11/09/2014 05:59 EST

A timeline of Sir John Franklin, namesake of ill-fated Franklin expedition

OTTAWA - A chronology of the life of Arctic explorer Sir John Franklin:

April 16, 1786: Born in Spilsby, England.

March 1800: Joins HMS Polyphemus as a Royal Navy midshipman.

April 2, 1801: Takes part in the Battle of Copenhagen.

Oct. 21, 1805: Takes part in the Battle of Trafalgar.

May 1819: Departed for his first Canadian Arctic land expedition.

Oct. 1822: Returns to England. Promoted to captain.

Feb. 1825: departs for his second overland expedition.

Sept. 1827: Returns to England.

April 1829: Knighted.

Aug. 1836: Departs to become governor of Tasmania.

June 1844: Returns to England.

May 1845: Sails on Northwest Passage expedition.

June 11, 1847: Dies aboard HMS Erebus.

Sept. 9, 2014: Prime Minister Stephen Harper announces that one of Franklin's ships has been found.