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Brody Leimer, Tow Truck Driver, Pulls Off Crazy Stunt To Stop Thief


A quick-thinking tow truck driver is being compared to an action hero after thwarting the efforts of a thief who tried to steal his rig.

Brody Leimer, 23, was working to tow a car early Monday morning near the Morley Reserve on the TransCanada Highway near Calgary, when his truck began driving away with him inside the disabled car that was partially loaded onto the back.

With the car swinging all over the road, Leimer was "left with few choices: jumping out of the moving car onto the highway, stay in the partially attached car and await his fate, or do what any superhero might do," RCMP wrote in a press release.

"Tires popping from being dragged, sparks flying, Brody jumped from the vehicle onto [the hood of] his tow truck. He was able to climb to the passenger side of his truck and somehow managed to open the passenger door of the truck and swing inside."

Once inside the tow truck he subdued the man and forced him to stop, before kicking him from the cab.

"The male didn't go willingly. There was a bit of a fight that ensued, but fortunately Brody was able to overpower him, get the vehicle stopped and throw out the suspect of the tow truck," Cpl. Tory Savinkoff said.

"It makes you think you're watching the 'Last Action Hero' or 'Mission Impossible.' Certainly something like that is a pretty amazing story."

“We never suggest for people to confront a thief or what have you. In this case, I certainly can’t be too critical of what Brody did,” Savinkoff told the Calgary Herald, adding that Leimer acted quickly because knew public safety was at risk.

“Jumping out of a moving vehicle has its risks, staying in the vehicle has its risks as well. And the vehicle was not attached to the truck very well so it could fall and fly into oncoming traffic."

Savinkoff told 660 News the truck was travelling roughly 65 kilometres per hour for about 1.5 kilometres before Leimer was able to bring the truck to a stop.

Aaron Omeasoo-Stephens, 20, has been arrested and charged with impaired driving, operating a motor vehicle with a blood alcohol level exceeding .08, two counts of theft over $5,000, and driving without a licence.

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