09/09/2014 03:37 EDT | Updated 09/09/2014 03:59 EDT

George Kourounis Dives Into Active Volcano In Vanuatu (VIDEO)

It was George vs. the Volcano for a Toronto resident who descended into an active crater in Vanuatu. And his extreme hike has gone viral after he uploaded a video of it to YouTube last month.

George Kourounis, a stormchaser who hosts adventure travel show "Angry Planet," claimed that he "knock[ed] on hell's door" when he descended into the Marum crater and stood on the edge of a lava lake on Ambrym Island in the South Pacific Ocean.

Kourounis made the trip after adventurer Geoff Mackley, who had previously travelled inside the crater, asked if he'd be willing to visit the fiery pit, Global News reported.

They travelled to the volcano alongside producer Sam Cossman and adventure filmmakers Brad Ambrose and Gareth Hawken. Kourounis put on a heat suit and stepped to the edge of a lava lake, capturing the whole journey on video.

It was so hot inside the volcano that his camera melted.

But the heat didn't stop him from taking an extreme selfie.

Here are some photos that Kourounis tweeted from his expedition.

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