09/09/2014 01:01 EDT | Updated 11/09/2014 05:59 EST

QuickList: Some unusual items purchased with Canadian Tire money

TORONTO - Some of the more unusual items customers have purchased with Canadian Tire money:

— In 2013, Toronto folksinger Corin Raymond used $7,333.75 in donated Canadian Tire money to fund his 20-song album. The music studio, Rogue Studios, accepts the currency at par.

— In 2011, an Edmonton man cashed in $1,053 to buy a riding lawn mower. The retailer says about one riding lawn mower is purchased every year using the colourful bills.

— In 2007, a Canadian Tire store matched more than $1,000 raised during a four-month fundraising to campaign for the homeless. The Canadian Tire money was used to purchase sleeping bags, thermal blankets and socks for Vancouver's Lookout Society.

— In 2003, Pete's Peanut Pub offered a week-long promotion to allow customers to pay for drinks with Canadian Tire money.

— In 1996, a man from Trois Rivieres, Que., paid for four new car tires and a wheel alignment job with a suitcase full of Canadian Tire money worth $480.

Source: Canadian Tire