09/09/2014 05:30 EDT | Updated 11/09/2014 05:59 EST

Trial into alleged Ponzi scheme delayed until next week to pick new jurors

CALGARY - The trial of two Calgary men accused in a massive Ponzi scheme has been delayed while new jurors are selected.

By the trial's second day, four of 16 jurors had already been dismissed.

Given the trial is expected to last up to six months, there were concerns the jury may eventually end up with an insufficient number of members to proceed.

Two new jurors and two alternates will be chosen on Friday and the trial is to start again on Monday.

For the second time, the charges will be read, Judge Robert Hall will instruct the jury and the Crown will deliver its opening statements.

Gary Sorenson and Milowe Brost have pleaded not guilty to two charges each of theft and fraud, while Brost pleaded not guilty to a fifth charge of money laundering.

The two men were arrested in 2009 for what police have called "the largest Ponzi-type scheme" in Canadian history. Investigators have said investors around the world lost some $400 million.