Black Burger Menu Comes To Burger King In Japan (VIDEO)

Would you like some charcoal-laced fries with that?

Just kidding, about the fries at least. Burger King Japan has unveiled a new line of black cheeseburgers featuring black buns, black cheese and black ketchup, available in that country as of Sept. 19. The Kuro (black) burger (available as a deluxe burger as well) isn't made with food colouring, but instead with bamboo charcoal for the buns, and squid ink for the beef patty and ketchup.

In the video above, Buzz60 also lists other fast food restaurants that have embraced all things jet black. According to the Independent, Japanese customers originally became fans of bamboo charcoal after Burger King released the Premium Kuro Burger in 2012 (this burger came with black buns and black ketchup as well). To make things a little different this time around, chefs have decided to even add bamboo charcoal to the cheese.

So would you eat one? Let us know in the comments below:

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