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Mike Tyson vs. Nathan Downer: The Full Transcript (VIDEO)

Mike Tyson freaked out on Canadian TV Wednesday, but not everything that was said was easy to understand. We're got you covered with this complete transcript of the memorable verbal battle between Tyson and CP24 anchor Nathan Downer.

Downer: "Some of your critics would say, you know, there is a race for mayor, we know you're a convicted rapist, this could hurt his campaign. How would you respond to that?

Tyson: "Hey, um, I don't know who said that, you're the only one I heard say that. You know what I mean? And I don't have no comment to that. You know because it's negative and you're being negative and I met, I met the mayor and nothing they can do about it."

Tyson promoter Alex Choko: "We actually had a really good time, we talked about George Chuvalo, who is a legend in your city, a great man, with whom Mike spent quite a bit of time yesterday talking about his life, highs and lows..."

Tyson: "It's so interesting that you come across as a nice guy but you're really a piece of shit. With that comment"

Downer: "Hey, come on."

Tyson: "Fuck you, that was a piece of shit."

Downer: "You know what, we're doing live TV here."

Tyson: "I don't care. What are you going to do about it?"

Downer: "Alright, you got a show that you're doing tonight."

Choko interrupting: "We are. We are. it's raw and it's the real thing. It's the truth"

Downer: "A lot of people are going to be there to see your show. Just tell us a bit about it."

Tyson: "You know, it speaks for itself. Everyone saw the show."

Choko: "It's a Broadway production. It went to Vegas. It went to actually 28 cities in the United States and we're really, really proud to bring it here. We're actually going to Monaco on October 9th. We're going to be in Monte Carlo."

Downer: "Is it nerve-wracking for you to do something like this, or is it more nervous for you to box? How does it compare?"

Tyson: "I don't know, um, it's more nerve-wracking to be here talking to a rat piece of shit like you."

Downer: "Come on Mike."

Tyson: "You know, because you're a piece of shit.

Downer: "Alright..."

Tyson: "You really (inaudible) piece of shit."

Downer: "We're going to wrap up this interview. Thank you for coming in."

Tyson: "Fuck you."

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