09/11/2014 02:08 EDT | Updated 09/11/2014 06:59 EDT

Deadmau5 Becomes UberX Taxi Driver In Toronto, Uses His $300,000 McLaren 650S


Deadmau5 has a whole webseries called "Coffee Run" about driving famous folks, including Toronto Mayor Rob Ford, to Tim Hortons for coffee. Well, last night the EDM superstar was ferrying people around for another reason -- he was an UberX driver for the night.

Shortly afterwards additional tweets emerged showing Deadmau5's location in downtown Toronto (579 Richmond Street West) with the musician using his McLaren 650S as the cab. One passenger tweeted the following:

Deadmau5 picked up another passenger, Ciara McDonnell, who also tweeted the following:

Meanwhile CITY-TV news reporter Tammie Sutherland later posted a Vine showing Deadmau5 picking up a passenger just north of Yonge-Dundas Square at 10 Dundas Street East. Sutherland included "#DJturnedCabbie" in the description.

There's no word as to how many people Deadmau5 picked up. However he later tweeted he enjoyed moonlighting as a cabbie:

Uber, which says it operates in 205+ cities, launched its low-cost alternative UberX in Toronto earlier this week, offering an app matching riders with drivers using their personal vehicles. City News reports that the cost is about 40 percent of a regular taxi fare, but also that city officials are looking into the legality of the service.

According to a statement released Tuesday: "The City has significant concerns that UBER has launched a service, identified as UBERX, which may be in contravention of the City’s bylaws, including those governing private transportation providers. We have engaged the expertise of the City’s Legal department, and are reviewing every legal option available to us to address any potential breaches of law, with the objective of ensuring the protection of the public."

As reported last week, Deadmau5 and Disney are engaged in a legal battle with Deadmau5 recently issuing a cease and desist order to Disney demanding a Deadmau5 song be removed from Disney's web site. Earlier this week Deadmau5 posted two brief YouTube clips which hinted at a new live tour he's calling Entropy.

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CORRECTION: This story originally stated that Deadmau5 was an Uber driver, he was actually an UberX driver