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John Tory Was For Doug Ford Before He Was Against Him

Doug Ford and John Tory may be mayoral rivals today, but they weren't always on opposite sides.

When Tory ran for mayor of Toronto back in 2003, he met with the entire Ford family except sister Kathy at a restaurant near Pearson airport, Robyn Doolittle writes in her book "Crazy Town."

The now-Globe and Mail reporter wrote that the Fords were seen as the "gatekeepers to Etobicoke."

Tory remembers Ford's mother Diane telling him "We like you. You'll get elected, because we're going to help you in Etobicoke ... you'll serve for a period of time and then it will be Robbie's turn."

The election fell short of Diane's expectations. Tory came second to David Miller.

Fast-forward to 2010, when Doug sought to replace Rob as councillor for Etobicoke's Ward 2. Tory spoke highly of Ford at the time, calling him a "smart, button-down, no-nonsense businessperson," The Toronto Star reported.

"He's less of a personality than Rob, but if you were looking for a better-run government, Doug Ford is certainly the kind of person you would want," Tory said.

Their friendly relationship extended to at least June 2013, when the pair were seen playfully paddling each other at a cricket tournament:

Tory had a decidedly different tone when asked about Doug Ford's entry into the mayoral race Friday. At a press conference, Tory called the older Ford brother an “insult machine."

“I don’t think he offers Toronto more of the same. In fact, I think he may offer something that is worse,” he told reporters.

Toronto voters go to the polls Oct. 27.

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