09/12/2014 06:12 EDT | Updated 11/12/2014 05:59 EST

Police are not amused: Edmonton-area RCMP say mannequin prank a 'dummy' move

SHERWOOD PARK, Alta. - A jokester who placed a mannequin over a power line so it looked like a body hanging down hasn't tickled any funny bones in an RCMP detachment east of Edmonton.

Mounties in Strathcona County say a citizen who alerted them to the situation wasn't quite sure whether the "body" was real or fake.

Officers quickly determined it was a hoax and called in emergency services to bring the mannequin down.

It was dressed in red coveralls, a black balaclava and work gloves.

Police say it was a "dummy" move because the culprit or the responders could have been seriously injured around the power lines.