09/12/2014 06:13 EDT | Updated 11/12/2014 05:59 EST

Sarah Leung, convicted of infanticide, apologizes for hurt and pain caused

Sarah Leung, the Vancouver woman convicted of two counts of infanticide, stood up in court Friday and apologized for all the pain and hurt she had caused.

She said she had made bad decisions, was living with unbearable sadness, and realized it would be hard for anyone to trust her.

Leung, 28, hid her two pregnancies in 2009 and 2010, each time delivering a baby boy into the toilet in the family home before disposing of them in plastic bags in the garbage.

Her lawyer —asking for a three-year custodial sentence—argued that Leung lived with a paralyzing fear of upsetting her family, especially her father, and didn't want him to know about her pregnancies.

He also said she was emotionally immature and, when she gave birth, it was a problem she couldn't rationally deal with. Instead, she left the babies to die and then hid the evidence.

The Crown—calling for an eight-year sentence—painted a much more troubling picture of Leung, arguing that the evidence indicated the babies were suffocated, and that there was no evidence of an abusive situation at home.

Leung's father discovered the first baby's body in a clear plastic bag outside the home in 2009 and the police were called. The second child (born a year later) was never found, but believed to be buried in a Delta landfill.

Her partner knew of the pregnancies, but Leung told him she had miscarried.