09/15/2014 06:46 EDT | Updated 11/15/2014 05:59 EST

Afghan community torn over how to help Abdul Monir's family

Members of Toronto's Afghan-Canadian community are wrestling with how they can best help the family of Abdul Monir, the father of two who was shot dead at his workplace over the weekend.

Monir and another man were shot at the Pizza Time restaurant on Markham Road on Sunday.

The owner of the pizza shop survived the shooting and is now in hospital. Monir died at the scene.

Monir arrived in Canada from Afghanistan in May and he had only been working at the pizza shop for about two weeks.

Nasir Khalid, a journalist and prominent member of the local Afghan-Canadian community, said Monir's family has asked for the slain man’s body to be sent back home.

But that will be costly — perhaps as much as $26,000 — and some are questioning if it would be better to send any collected funds back to Monir’s wife and two children.

"In my opinion, it's much better that we should bury the body here and whatever money that we collect from donations …we should send that money to the family," he told CBC News in an interview on Monday.

A community meeting is being held on Monday night to decide how to proceed.

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