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Insomnia Help Can Bring A Good Night's Sleep Finally (VIDEO)

You know the drill. You're tossing and turning, watching the hours tick by on the clock — or even worse, just when you finally get to sleep, you wake up again for some unknown reason.

Insomnia affects approximately one in every seven Canadians, according to StatsCan, and this year, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention went so far as to call insufficient sleep a "public health epidemic."

If you suffer from insomnia, you've probably read all you can on getting a regular sleep routine down pat and putting away the electronics. But what you may not realize is how your physical and mental health can easily impact the quality of your sleep. Even a slight muscle ache can keep you awake at night, while chronic pain or anxiety can make for

In the video above, Dr. Priyanka S. Yadav runs through some unexpected reasons why you may be experiencing insomnia — and most importantly, how you can turn your nights around.


10 Ways To Beat Insomnia
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