09/15/2014 02:52 EDT | Updated 11/15/2014 05:59 EST

John Bjornstrom, 'Bushman Of The Shuswap,' Runs For Williams Lake Mayor


KAMLOOPS, B.C. - A man who was on a two-year run from police as the so-called Bushman of the Shuswap has now decided to make a different kind of run — for mayor of Williams Lake, B.C.

John Bjornstrom became a fugitive in 1999, surviving on food and items he stole from cabins in the Shuswap Lake area.

He was armed with a shotgun and other weapons when Mounties finally arrested him in November 2001 and was later sentenced to 23 months of house arrest after pleaded guilty to charges including breaking-and-entering.

But Bjornstrom, who is now a logging truck driver, is hoping the results of the civic election this November will put him in the mayor's job.

He says some people will use his past notoriety to discredit him — but that's politics.

Bjornstrom, who still calls himself the Bushman, says he's healthy after a recent battle with cancer. (CHNL)


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