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Lethbridge Student Sells Pepsi From Locker, Gets Suspended

An Alberta high school student has been suspended for dealing a contraband substance out of his locker.

But, no, Keenan Shaw was not dealing drugs or another illicit substance. The Grade 12 student was selling Pepsi to his fellow students.

According to the Lethbridge Herald, only diet pop is allowed on Lethbridge's Winston Churchill High School school premises.

So when Shaw sold cans of Pepsi from his locker, he was slapped with a warning from the principal.

Shaw says he was told the sales violated the nutrition and marketing policies, and that he was operating a business without a licence.

But he said his transgressions pale in comparison to what other kids are selling at the school.

"I'm not going to name any names, but I know a couple of people selling marijuana, there's kids selling smokes, there was a kid last year selling meth, as well as a kid selling acid," Shaw told CBC News.

His mother, Alyssa Shaw-Letourneau, told the Herald she laughed when her son told her about the warnings.

"We just thought is was ridiculous to begin with."

The school's warning turned into a suspension and Shaw was absent from classes from last Wednesday at lunch until the following morning.

Shaw has been told he will be expelled if he continues to sell the pop.


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