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The Most Epic Sad Songs Of All-Time

As masochistic as it sounds, most of us love listening to a painfully sad and depressing song from time to time. For some people, sad songs make them happy. Throwing on a sad song can be a powerful emotional experience conveyed through music. For others, listening to a sad song can be a way to find some understanding and something relatable during a tough time. Of course there’s those people that have never really escaped the whole Emo phase and strictly listen to sad songs. Whatever category you fall under, sad songs are great.

For decades, bands and artists across several genres have been pumping out some excruciatingly sad songs that have tugged on our heartstrings. Some of course are more painfully memorable than others and have earned the honour of becoming tearjerker classics.

Pull out your Kleenex and get ready to mope, because here’s a look at 21 of the most epic-ly sad songs ever to break our hearts. Warning, you might want to have a hug ready afterwards.

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