09/16/2014 03:24 EDT | Updated 06/16/2017 00:53 EDT

Beakerhead 2014 Features Giant Laser Cat, Dinner On A Ferris Wheel (PHOTOS)


Where can you feed a giant cat pieces of art and watch it shoot laser beams from its eyes, or, perhaps, eat a gourmet dinner while riding sky-high on a ferris wheel?

The answer, of course, is Calgary's Beakerhead.

Beakerhead, which organizer say is NOT a festival, is a mash-up event that brings together art, engineering, science and more — a place were the technical meets the creative.

For thousands of Calgarians who participated in the second annual Beakerhead last week, it was a time to explore engineered art, build their own contraptions and check out some of the world's most ingenuitive performances and demonstrations.

This year's spectacles included an inflatable art installation for people to crawl around in, speeches from astronauts, a workshop on how to make makeup, a giant fire-breathing octopus made from recycled materials, and more.

But perhaps the exhibits that caught the most attention were those that stood the tallest.

Calgarians were delighted to interact with Laser Cat — a giant inflatable feline head that shoots laser from its eyes.

The two storey-high cat was built in Barcelona and brought to Calgary for Beakerhead. The cat's eyes project works of art collected via social media from artists around the world.

Laser Cat Canada from Hungry Castle on Vimeo.

For those with a more refined taste, Beakerhead's culinary experience aboard a 40-foot ferris run exclusively on cooking oil was another hit.

Diners were invited to enjoy the molecular gastronomy of former Top Chef Canada contestant Nicole Gomes, while taking a slow spin on the carnival ride.

On the menu were lemon and mascarpone cheese risotto fritters, Thai beef Penang chowder, salmon, and chocolate cake on a stick surrounded by banada cotton candy.

Beakerhead began when organizers Mary Anne Moser and Jay Ingram of the Discovery Channel decided to create a celebration of engineering, science and art, and decided to bring the event to the Canadian city which boast the highest per capita population of engineers.

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