09/16/2014 01:37 EDT | Updated 06/16/2017 00:53 EDT

Celine Dion Water-Skis To 'L'Ete Indien' TV Show Set Like A Boss (VIDEO)

Celine Dion made some grand entrances over her career but the 46-year-old superstar might have outdone herself during a recent television appearance: water-skiing on the St. Lawrence river before being hoisted on a crane onto a talk-show set.

As posted on her official site, Dion appeared on the television talk show "L'ete Indien" (Indian Summer) which aired on TV5Monde on Sept 7 but was taped last July.

The YouTube clip begins with host Michel Drucker introducing Dion as well as co-host Julie Snyder from a location on the Montreal waterfront. The clip then shows Dion (on the right) and Snyder in the water awaiting the speed boat to power up and get them up on their skis. Dion manages to get up without much difficulty, holding onto the handle to balance herself as the boat picks up speed. Snyder and Dion then high five each other as Dion's version of "River Deep, Mountain High" can be heard as the background music.

A closeup of Dion shows her saluting the host and audience as they ski past a large luxury liner in port and then making a slight turn towards the live audience and talk show set. Roughly 90 seconds into the clip both Snyder and Dion release the handles and gently fall backwards into the water. After the audience is shown clapping at the spectacle, a large crane then hoists a cage-like frame holding both Snyder and Dion high above the audience, Snyder seems content to stand on the cage floor while Dion sits on the bar and waves. The two then embrace as they are lowered onto the set safely with Dion pretending to swim briefly before they softly land.

But this isn't actually the first time Dion's water-skiid on TV. A YouTube clip from 1985 shows her taking to the water with relative ease alongside Olympic gold medalist Sylvie Bernier for a television special entitled "C'est Pour Toi."

As reported last month, Dion has put her touring and recording commitments on hold in order to focus her energies towards her husband and former manager Rene Angelil as he battles cancer.