09/16/2014 09:38 EDT | Updated 06/16/2017 00:52 EDT

Jamila Bibi of Saskatoon being deported to Pakistan today

Jamila Bibi, a Saskatoon woman facing a criminal charge for adultery in Pakistan, has left Saskatchewan as part of her deportation today.

But Bashir Khan says there's still time for Canada to grant a stay of removal — which could eliminate the risk of the 63-year-old Bibi being killed by her husband's family.

On Monday, the Federal Court rejected Bibi's latest appeal of her deportation order, setting the stage for her flight early Tuesday morning.

Escorted by officials, she was put on a plane in Saskatoon and left the province.

"Right now, she is in one of the major cities, either Calgary or Vancouver," Khan said. "It's still not too late for her."

Bibi arrived in Canada on a visa in 2006, but her refugee claim was rejected. In addition to the adultery charge, she faces an assault charge.

​Khan says Canada risks breaking international law if Bibi, 63, is sent back to Pakistan.​

The fear is she could, under Islamic law, be stoned to death, Khan said.

Khan said he filed a motion for a stay of removal with the Federal Court on Monday morning, but it was rejected that afternoon.

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