09/16/2014 09:45 EDT | Updated 06/16/2017 00:52 EDT

Jane Fonda Was Not Born Jane Fonda (VIDEO)

On "Jimmy Kimmel Live" Monday night, Jane Fonda revealed her real name.

Or at least, what it used to be: "Lady Jayne Seymour Fonda." Here’s why she just had to change it:

JANE: "She was one of the wives of Henry the eighth."

JIMMY: "Was she one of the wives that was beheaded?"

JANE: "Yeah, I think she was."

JIMMY: "Oh, great!"

JANE: "A Lady with a Jayne with a ‘y,’ and I’m named after someone who got their head cut off."

Yikes! On top of that, Jane told Jimmy she was a tomboy growing up, and she couldn’t take having such a girly name, so she officially changed it to Jane — minus the 'y' — in the fourth grade.

But we can’t say we wouldn’t expect Jane’s parents to come up with something on the fancier side for their daughter’s name.

Her father was legendary screen star Henry Fonda, and her mother, Frances Seymour Brokaw, was a New York socialite.

You can check out more of Jane, no 'y,' in her newest movie, "This Is Where I Leave You," which hits theatres on Sept. 19.