09/16/2014 11:05 EDT | Updated 06/16/2017 00:52 EDT

This Ray Rice 'Makeup Tutorial' Is The Perfect Reaction To The NFL's Stance On Domestic Violence

There have been a lot of crappy responses to the video of former NFL player Ray Rice beating up his now-wife Janay Palmer (including but not limited to the NFL and "Fox & Friends") but one woman came up with the best reaction ever.

Comedian Megan MacKay made a Ray Rice makeup tutorial video, which basically calls out the NFL for their complete mishandling of the domestic violence involving one of their players.

Here's an example of one of the Toronto-native's tips: "The first step, as always, is foundation. I'm using a new shade I just got called 'The NFL.' I really like this colour, because it'll cover up anything." Touché!

She continues: "Your crease colour is number 27 which is Ray Rice's jersey number for the Baltimore Ravens or—former jersey number. So hard to get used to people getting fired for doing bad things!... The other colour you're going to be using is the number 25 which in the state of Maryland is the number of years you serve in prison for felony assault. You should be serving this! But we're not gonna make you do it because you play football!"

Megan also uses an eyeliner called "Women Are Objects" and advises women to draw a ring around their eye like a wedding ring.

"When you put on a wedding ring," she explains, "the guy can do anything he wants to you and it's automatically your fault. Say he knocked you out cold in an elevator and then everyone found out about it. And people started blaming you, because you put on the wedding ring, so you were kind of asking for it, you know?" Mic drop.

Now just watch the video above, ok?