09/17/2014 01:44 EDT | Updated 06/16/2017 00:55 EDT

How To Pronounce The Names Of The Wines You Always Order

Ordering from a gigantic wine list is intimidating enough without worrying about how much you're fumbling the names of the vintages.

Most common wine names are in French, Italian, German or Spanish, so unless you've studied in every one of those languages, chances are, you'll need some help along the way.

And while we feel pretty certain those with at least a slight background in French have long since realized "merlot" is not MURR-LOT (or at least, have been corrected enough times to get it), some of these terms are genuinely tricky, so we appreciate the helpful hints offered in the video above. Even if the guy mispronouncing them seems like he's trying just a little too hard to get them wrong.

Check out the video from Food Beast, and tell us — which wine do you consistently, inevitably pronounce incorrectly? (Ours is Pouilly-Fuisse — Poo-yee Fwee-say — because ... come on.)