09/17/2014 11:30 EDT | Updated 06/16/2017 00:55 EDT

Watch Non-Indians Eat Indian Desserts For The First Time

You may be hesitant to eat food with a shiny piece of foil on it, but this popular Indian dessert (kaju katli), is considered a delicacy.

In the video above, "brave" Americans run the gamut of emotions, from hesitation, awkwardness and even some foodgasms as they eat popular Indian desserts for the first time. From the likes of kaju katli, wiggly kulfi and several "sweet balls," Buzzfeed employees give their honest opinions of the food in front of them. And for any South Asian watching, listening to the pronunciation and reactions is just priceless.

Although Indian desserts may be sugary, oily and milky, the Indian diet is still considered to be among the healthiest in the world. If you do end up eating a lot of these sweets, we even have a guide on how to burn off the calories.

Which dessert tasted the best? Watch the video above to find out.