09/17/2014 11:34 EDT | Updated 06/16/2017 00:55 EDT

Patrick Brazeau's Twitter Account Now Aggregates Russian Headlines


The Twitter account formerly used by suspended independent senator Patrick Brazeau has gone Russian.

The shift in language and avatar change was noted by Ottawa Citizen journalist Jordan Press on Monday.

Brazeau’s former @TheBrazman handle is now handled by a user that aggregates Russian news headlines, no article hyperlinks included. A black and white photo of a blonde woman has replaced Brazeau's avatar photo.

According to PoliTwitter, a website that tracks Canadian political social media mentions, Brazeau sent his last tweet on March 10, shortly after his fraud case was presented to an Ottawa court.

He currently faces one count each of fraud and breach of trust related to travel and living expense claims.

Brazeau does have a proclivity to shut down his account only to resurrect it later. The reason for his latest Twitter disappearing act is unknown.

Last year, @TheBrazman returned from a brief 11-day hiatus with a poem attributed to English poet John Dryden:

I'm wounded not, but I'm not slain,

I'm bruised and faint they say,

Just let me lie and bleed awhile;

I'll not be long this way.

Brazeau had developed a reputation as an avid Twitter user, often inciting confrontations with politicians and journalists

He took his account offline in 2012 after he suggested Canadian Press reporter Jennifer Ditchburn was a bitch. He later apologized to Ditchburn for his remark.

According to CBC News, Brazeau may be making an attempt to move on. His lawyer Christian Deslauriers says the suspended senator is enrolled in an undisclosed university program.

The suspended senator is expected to be in court June 2015 for a preliminary inquiry related to the Senate expense scandal.

h/t Ottawa Citizen

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