09/18/2014 11:30 EDT | Updated 06/16/2017 00:53 EDT

9 Stereotypes About Canadians That Are Definitely True

We Canadians are used to being stereotyped, which is why we can be so quick to point out that, um, excuse us, but we do not all love Celine Dion, we were not born knowing how to wield a hockey stick, and no, we do not live in some kind of endless winter fairy land where incredibly polite people snowshoe around saying "eh" to each other.

That being said, there are certain, ahem, truths we're willing to acknowledge. Even embrace! So with that in mind, here are nine stereotypes about Canadians that are definitely true.

Canadian flags on luggage when we travel.

canadian flag luggage

We're not even sure why we all do this, but we do. (Alright, maybe it's because we don't want to be mistaken for Americans). And yes, we know everyone rolls their eyes when they see the maple leaf.

Tim Hortons is awesome.

tim hortons coffee

Great coffee, even better donuts. Look out for a Tim Hortons coming to your block soon.

We LOVE hockey.

Look, it's our sport. We're REALLY good at it. We do not apologize for this. And maybe we don't all play it, but we WILL wake up at 5 a.m. for any Olympic playoff to support our team.

We are really very nice...

woman smiling

...but that tends to make us overly apologetic

Sorry about this!

Beer here is good.

molson beer

It is. It's cold and there's plenty of it. Everyone loves Molson. Our craft beers are pretty stellar, too. Why wouldn't we want to grab a 24 (that's a case, for all you non-Canadians)?

We make the most of the cold.

whistler snowboarding

Snowboarding. Skiing. Snowmobiling. Snowball fighting. You having fun yet?

We’re quick to claim celebrities as our own (did you know Ryan Gosling is Canadian?!?).

We're proud of them! We are! They're working hard out there for Canada and we want the world to know it. And since you asked, here are some celebrities you may have not known are Canadian.

Our East vs. West Coast rivalry is alive and well.

Vancouver and Calgary take on Toronto and Montreal. Heck, all of our cities fight for their superiority. You better pick one because there's no going back.