09/18/2014 05:33 EDT | Updated 06/16/2017 00:59 EDT

Fall Engagement Photos: The Best Locations For Your Snaps

University of New Brunswick

Engagement photos are a relatively new phenomenon, but these days they’re standard — and many wedding photographers include an engagement shoot with their wedding packages.

But where should you do the photos, and how can you make them stand out? Since these shoots are generally more relaxed and less formal than wedding portraits, you can have a little fun and use your engagement shoot to show a bit of your personalities and tell some of the story of you two as a couple.

And while it’s more appealing to do a photo shoot when the weather is at its warmest, the arrival of fall’s cooler temperatures doesn’t mean that you can’t still get great engagement photos at a variety of indoor and outdoor locations across the country.

Take advantage of the fall foliage and the drop in tourism and hit up some of Canada’s most famous spots for photos — or go off the beaten path and take your shots somewhere unexpected.

We’ve got ideas for shoots everywhere from a Japanese garden to an outdoor hockey rink, with suggestions for great locales across the country. These 15 suggestions for fall engagement photo locations should give you plenty of ideas, so you can start planning your own shoot.