09/18/2014 03:47 EDT | Updated 06/16/2017 00:59 EDT

Jennie Garth Talks 'The Jennie Garth Project' And (Hypothetically) Remodels The '90210' Houses

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Despite all the years that've gone by since the show's heyday, Jennie Garth is still mostly known for her stint as Kelly Taylor on "Beverly Hills, 90210." Now Garth has got a whole new game: designing and renovating an older house to fit her vision.

"The Jennie Garth Project" follows the actress as she goes from room to room (each episode focuses on a different section of the house), making over the house from top to bottom. There are dogs (Garth owns several), jokes ("That's what she said," says Garth) and absolutely beautiful facelifts to the 1970s abode.

HuffPost Canada TV spoke with Garth as she sat in her newly renovated home, and we even got her to remodel the "90210" houses -- hypothetically speaking, of course.

HuffPost Canada TV: Have you always had this passion for renovating and designing houses?

Jennie Garth: Yeah. When I was a little girl, my pastime was drawing blueprints and floorplans. It's been something I've done since I was little -- my dad built our family home, so that's maybe where it all began, I guess!

Is there something cathartic in renovating and building?

Oh, absolutely. I don't ever want to NOT be doing it. It allows me to be artistic, and I love taking something -- even if it's just bare land -- and making it into something. I love transforming a space into its most optimum. That's how I like to spend my time; not shopping for fancy shoes.

You say in Episode 1 that you have a long history of 20-something years with this house and the people in this house. Can you elaborate on that?

They were friends of friends, and I didn't come here too too much, but I'd been here for a couple barbecues. I remember the house being full of people playing games and having a really fun time. It was a space everyone loved to be in.

The living room, with the patio and that view, is amazing.

Oh, I know. I'm currently in that room! Blue couch in full effect. [Laughs]

The first episode is pretty dramatic in terms of the changes you make. Are all of them like that?

It's pretty extensive. I'd have to say there are a lot of changes.

Did you say "extensive" or "expensive"?

[Laughs] Extensive. Though it has been expensive too.

What other things happen over the course of the season, that potential viewers can expect?

I change my mind a lot, which is probably why we filmed over 14 months. [Laughs] I've had daily dealings with Scott, the head contractor, to get him to take me seriously or to believe that I knew what I was doing.

Do you have any celebs drop by at any point?

I don't ... really know any celebs. [Laughs] It's weird, I don't even consider the people I work with celebrities. I don't really like famous people. I'm much more comfortable hanging out with the plumber and the drywall guys. I tried to get the Property Brothers to show up at one point, but they were too busy.

As a gigantic "90210" fan, I have to ask you to remodel some of the properties from the show. Let's do this, starting with the Walshes' house.

The Walsh house needs to have a lot of wall space taken out, so more light can come in there. I probably wouldn't have a Jack and Jill bathroom for Brenda and Brandon. Let's start with the fact that their names are Brenda and Brandon and they're twins. They don't need to share a bathroom. [Laughs]

What about Kelly's house?

Kelly's house is actually not far from where I'm living now. Back then it was super modern and chic. Now it's a little outdated. It definitely needs a facelift. There was a lot of white, and a lot of metal tubing. It would be an easy one, because it's already kind of there.

Dylan's bachelor pad?

I'd just need to clean that place. It needs a good scrubbin'.

And the beach house?

Oh! The beach house was awesome! It's still there on The Strand and Manhattan Beach! I think I took my girls there just last year - I said, "That's where I used to work! That's where I lived with Donna!" They were like, "Yeah, who cares?" [Laughs] People go all the time and take pictures there. It's still exactly the same, and I think I'd save the beach house as is, for memory's sake.

What would you say to all the reno fans to get them to watch the show?

I hope that it's inspiring and it motivates women -- they shouldn't feel intimidated by the world of construction, which is a pretty male-dominated industry. I want girls to know that they can do whatever they want to do. Knock down a wall if you want to! There's nothing you can't do, just make it happen!

"The Jennie Garth Project" premieres Sunday September 21 at 10 p.m. ET/PT on HGTV Canada and premiered Tuesday, September 16 at 9 p.m. ET on HGTV in the U.S.