09/18/2014 08:03 EDT | Updated 06/16/2017 01:00 EDT

More than half of jury selected for Luka Magnotta trial

Two more jurors have now been selected to sit on the trial of Luka Magnotta, bringing the total number of sworn-in jurors to nine so far.

The jury now consists of four women and five men — all of whom had to demonstrate perfect fluency in both French and English ahead of the bilingual trial.

The trial for Luka Magnotta is set to begin next week.

Magnotta, 32, is charged with the first-degree murder of Concordia University student Jun Lin.

Twelve jurors will decide on Magnotta's verdict, but lawyers opted to retain four more candidates: two will serve as alternates, two are spares.

In addition to language skills, lawyers are looking for impartiality — a challenging criterion given the amount of media coverage the case has already received. Thursaday morning, several potential jurors told the courts they could not sit on the jury because they had already decided on Magnotta's verdict. Those candidates were rejected.

Magnotta was in the courtroom during the interviews, with his lawyer Luc Leclair occasionally asking his opinion on potential candidates.

Interviews to find the remaining seven candidates are set to continue Friday.