09/16/2014 09:01 EDT | Updated 06/16/2017 00:54 EDT

Nika, Fox Terrier Dog Lost From New York, Found In Florida 2 Years Later (VIDEO)

A New York man will soon be reunited with his beloved toy fox terrier who turned up in Florida last week after going missing for two years.

Giuseppe DiBella's dog Nika disappeared from the front yard of his home in Newburg, NY in 2012, Click Orlando reported.

He spent months speaking to law enforcement and circulating flyers that listed the dog's microchip number, to no avail.

But DiBella never gave up hope completely.

His hope was realized last week, when Nika was found outside a home in Ocala, Fla., WFTV reported.

The property owner's friend, who worked in a veterinarian's office, took the dog to work and scanned its microchip.

DiBella soon received an email from Marion County Animal Services, who informed him they had found his long lost dog.

The terrier will now be reunited with her owner at American Thanksgiving.

"Nika's story is a beautiful example of the value of microchips," Deborah Horvath, director of Marion County Animal Services, told WFTV.

"Collars and tags can be removed or lost, but microchips provide a lifelong means of identification."

This is not the first time that a microchip has helped reunite a lost dog with its family.

Six years ago, Maisy the Beagle disappeared into the woods near her family's home in Tennessee's Hardin Valley, reported.

But like Nika, she was found again thanks to a microchip that had the family's contact information, which they kept updated.

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