09/19/2014 03:44 EDT | Updated 06/16/2017 01:01 EDT

Ancient Egyptian Women Loved Hair Extensions Just As Much As We Do

Ancient Egyptians were so ahead of their time!

A recent discovery out of the transcontinental country shows that hair extensions, the add-on strands beloved by celebs like Ariana Grande and Jessica Simpson, have a much richer history than we might have thought.

Archaeologists found the skull of a woman, thought to have lived over 3,300 years ago, with 70 hair extensions still in place (!!!).

According to Jolanda Bos, an archaeologist working on the Amarna Project, the hair was likely styled after death and before burial.

"It is also likely, however, that these hairstyles were used in everyday life," she told LiveScience,

This woman's skull was just one of hundreds found, many of which also had their hairstyles fairly intact.

One woman's locks showed evidence of being dyed, likely with henna, which you can buy today. Others even had fully styled braids -- which, if nothing else, proves the style's true timelessness.

All we can say is, Wow! How cool are these findings?