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Former Toronto FC midfielder Eric Avila entertains with Chivas USA video blog

TORONTO - While owner-less Chivas USA has been awful this season, midfielder Eric Avila has done his bit to entertain on and off the pitch.

The former Toronto FC player sheds some light on himself and his teammates via his regular video blog "Inside the Locker Room."

A session with Erick Torres has the star Mexican forward confessing to how his unfamiliarity with the carpool lane on the freeway cost him in his first week in the U.S.

Alone in his car, and in a rush, Torres moved into the fast lane.

"Within five minutes there was a motorcyclist in back of me," he explains in Spanish. "I didn't pay attention to it. I thought he that they were in a rush as well. I continued driving because he didn't give me any signals. In five minutes, I had four other cars in back of me with the sirens on."

"They gave me quite an expensive ticket," he said before adding with a grin. "I can tell you five similar stories like that."

Avila, who speaks Spanish fluently, then playfully needles Torres for his penchant for playing Shakira.

In another instalment, Avila and teammate Eriq Zavaleta debate the merits of nearby coffee shops.

Wondering what soccer players carry in their toiletry bag? Avila opens them up to show you, poking fun at teammate Donny Toia for carrying an industrial-sized lotion bottle.

"You can't get a travel-sized lotion," Avila asks in disbelief as he holds up a bottle the size of a tank shell.

When the 26-year-old from San Diego digs into his own toiletry bag, he pulls out a sheaf of parking tickets.

In an episode on Chivas players' celebrity crushes, he holds up a photo of actress-model Kate Upton who apparently is appreciated by goalie Trevor Spangenberg

"Good stuff, buddy," Avila says after studying the Upton photo.

Avila confesses his crush is Australian model Miranda Kerr. They apparently have exchanged texts.

The video blogs, while playful and sometimes a little juvenile (the celebrity crush episode crashes and burns quickly), offer fans all sorts of insight into the Chivas players. Avila wanted to be a zoologist and likes giraffes. He's also on a waiting list to get a Savannah cat.

And apparently he has skills in the kitchen. "He does make a killer enchilada," said Zavaleta.

"Obviously I can't tell a lot about what's going on inside the locker-room," Avila said of his video blog. "Some of the stuff, it's team stuff. But if I can give them a little bit of insight on what's going on, just to feed people's curiosity. For me it's fun."

And with a 6-16-6 team that is winless in 10 games, a smile is appreciated.

Avila admits to enjoying movies, playing the piano, hitting the beach and taking in other nearby sporting teams. He eats healthy, except after games when he heads to a Carl's Jr for a burger.

Soccer players are champion nappers. According to Avila, Zavaleta is a lovable slob.

Like other Chivas players, Avila also has a sense of community. He plans to help feed the homeless in L.A. and will likely shave his head to support a children's cancer charity after this weekend's visit to Toronto, all part of Chivas' "Week of Gratitude."

He concludes each video blog with the words "Avi Out."

If he repeats the blog next season, it will likely be with Mexican club Santos Laguna with a transfer all but concluded.

While he plans to head south, Avila confesses to still missing Toronto. He played 33 games for TFC in 2011 and 2012.

Avila was always easy to spot in Toronto, be it practice or game day. The five-foot-eight 150-pounder would take public transit down to BMO Field. He's excited about returning Sunday to face his old club.

"I love Toronto, I love the city, I love the fans, I love the field," he said.

"I am a California guy but I left a little piece of my heart in Toronto," he added.


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