Justin Trudeau's Abortion Tweet About Women Is Pretty Refreshing

At a time when it can feel like women's rights are being determined by people who aren't, frankly, affected by them, one Canadian politician is taking a hard line stance — 100 per cent in favour of a woman's choice.

Liberal Party leader Justin Trudeau has been under fire as of late for requiring Liberal candidates to clarify their views on abortion, and agree to vote pro-choice on any bills that may come to them on the issue.

A letter from seven former members of Parliament — all of them men — was released this week, calling Trudeau's stance "undemocratic" and asking him to rescind it.

This is what Trudeau tweeted in response:

Trudeau has been unequivocal in his support of women in his campaign.

"I don't know that there is anyone in this country that is in favour of abortions," he said in June. "But what I am very much in favour of is a woman's right to make that determination on her own, in consultation with the medical community, in consultation with whomever she chooses to consult.

A woman should have the option to her right to choose. Sounds pretty straightforward to us.