09/19/2014 12:17 EDT | Updated 06/16/2017 01:00 EDT

Rally held in Saskatoon in support of 65-year-old woman deported to Pakistan

SASKATOON - Supporters of a 65-year-old woman who was deported to her native Pakistan earlier this week have held a rally at the University of Saskatchewan campus.

Jamila Bibi had been working as a cook in Saskatoon, but was sent back to Pakistan after her refugee claims were rejected.

She had said she fled to Canada in 2007 after being falsely accused of adultery by her husband.

Since traditional Islamic law calls for stoning to death for married people who commit adultery, she had said she feared she could be killed if sent home.

Rally organizer Priscila Silva says she is an immigrant herself and wants to see better rights for immigrants and refugees.

Bibi's friend, Sahana Yeasmin, says she has spoken to Bibi since her arrival in Pakistan.

"She told me, 'Do something for me before you guys get bad news from here,'" Yeasmin said.

Yeasmin said Bibi is in hiding in Pakistan, but she still believes in her Canadian friends.

"She has hope actually. She has a lot of hope that we can do something," Yeasmin said.

The Federal Court of Appeal denied a last-minute appeal in the case this week.

"The applicant has not presented evidence before this court that could support a finding that she will face risks if she is removed to Pakistan that have not been already assessed on two occasions (by immigration officials)," Justice Marie-Josee Bedard wrote.

"Therefore, and considering that the applicant’s allegation of irreparable harm is based on risks, she has not met her evidentiary burden."