09/20/2014 09:04 EDT | Updated 06/16/2017 01:03 EDT

Calgary Cougar Shooting Will Be Reviewed: Justice Minister

Colin Forster/YouTube
CALGARY - Alberta's justice minister has ordered a review into the shooting of a cougar near a Calgary hospital.

Jonathan Denis says he's no expert on how the situation should have been handled, but he says he is asking for a full review of the matter.

Wildlife officers shot and killed the cougar on Thursday after it wandered near the hospital and was lying in tall grass.

Brendan Cox, an Alberta government spokesman, explained that the officers had hoped to tranquilize and trap the cougar but determined the adult male cat was too riled up.

Cox said cougars can become agitated when they get hit with a tranquilizer dart, adding the cat could have run into a more populated area.

The shooting was posted on YouTube and people watching the incident can be heard in the video questioning why the cougar was killed. (CHQR)