09/21/2014 12:53 EDT | Updated 06/16/2017 01:03 EDT

Alward asks New Brunswick voters for second mandate as campaign nears its end

MONCTON, N.B. - Progressive Conservative Leader David Alward used a rally in Moncton on Sunday to begin his final push for votes in Monday's provincial election.

Party supporters chanted "Four more years" as the premier said he is confident about the outcome and encouraged Tory campaign workers to make sure they get the Conservative vote out to the polls.

"It's about saying 'Yes' to our province, it's about saying 'Yes' to our people and about saying 'Yes' to providing opportunities to our people to have great jobs here and set strong roots for their families," Alward said to loud applause.

Following the rally, Alward reflected on his four years as premier, saying they were difficult, but wouldn't have changed the decisions he made.

"There have been some very difficult choices that were certainly not easy choices to make," he said.

Alward said he wants another mandate to continue the work the party has started.

The 54-year-old premier said the fact about 100,000 people voted in advance polls before election day bodes well for the party.

The Tories are running on an economic platform that's based on the development of the province's natural resources to create jobs. That includes hydraulic fracturing for shale gas, which has been a divisive issue in the province.

"The reality is it is being done safely," Alward said. "I have the obligation to build a strong province, to give opportunities for our people to be able to have great jobs here and set strong roots here instead of being separated by thousands of miles."

Former Tory premier Bernard Lord attended the rally and said he was impressed by the positive campaign run by Alward.

"He has provided New Brunswickers with a clear choice for a stronger future, and in an election campaign that's all you can ask for," Lord said.

Lord said this election provides an opportunity that is unique in the province's history.

"If we say yes to natural gas development that means saying yes to better health care, better education, more jobs," he said.