09/21/2014 05:45 EDT | Updated 06/16/2017 01:03 EDT

No Word On When Mayor Rob Ford Will Exit Hospital

There is no word yet on when Mayor Rob Ford will exit hospital, after the completion of his first round of chemotherapy.

The mayor went into hospital 11 days ago, at which point a tumour was discovered in his abdomen. He has since been diagnosed with liposarcoma, a rare type of cancer.

Ford's cancer diagnosis was revealed to the public last Wednesday. Dr. Zane Cohen, the doctor leading his clinical care team, told members of the media that the mayor would soon be undergoing two rounds of chemotherapy.

On Thursday, Ford released an audio statement, in which he disclosed that his chemotherapy was about to begin. 

"In a few hours, I will begin my chemotherapy. Then I will spend the next little while with my family focused on getting better," Ford said in the statement.

Cohen had said that each round of Ford's chemotherapy would involve three days of in-patient, in-hospital treatment before a resting period.

On Sunday, a spokesperson for Doug Ford, who is running for mayor in his brother's place, told CBC News that he could not confirm the day that Rob Ford will be discharged from hospital. 

Ford, 45, decided to exit the mayoral race in the wake of the tumour discovery. Instead, he is running as a candidate for council in Ward 2, which he used to represent before he was elected mayor.