09/22/2014 01:15 EDT | Updated 09/22/2014 01:59 EDT

Calgary Snowstorm Cleanup Enters New Phase

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The cleanup from Calgary's freak summer snowstorm has entered a new phase, as crews begin to pick up tree debris along curbsides and in back alleys.

Officials say they have collected more than six million kilograms of debris, reports CBC News, but crews still have a long way to go.

Nico Bernard of Parks Tactical Operations Centre told Global News that crews are trying to reach Calgary's hardest hit communities before the next snow flies.

“Typically the roads crews get ready for October 15th. We’ll get it done for that date,” he said said.

“We’re in Lake Bonavista, we’re in Bridgeland, we’ve a got a few in the Centre city. We’re trying to get to Renfrew and Crescent Heights.”

More than 20 centimetres of snow fell on Calgary two weeks ago, and the wet, heavy snow caused branches to snap on millions of trees, with debris crushing vehicles and littering city streets.

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Bernard told the Calgary Herald citizens can help crews by moving cars off the streets and away from piles of debris. He also asked that people stack their debris neatly and as close to the collection spot as possible.

Tree debris should not go in the black or blue bins, he added.

As well, Calgarians can continue to drop off debris at the city landfills or to one of the city's 33 community tree and pumpkin drop-off locations.

The city is also reminding people to be careful around storm-damaged trees, as some may have snapped branches that could fall.