09/22/2014 02:43 EDT | Updated 09/22/2014 02:59 EDT

Best Fall Loafers For Women: 20 Stylish Shoes Your Feet Will Thank You For

Andriy Bandurenko via Getty Images

Fall is here!

While this may mean for some that (to quote Vogue's Candy Pratts-Price), "it's time to get back in those heels," we feel that autumn is actually best suited for fall loafers for women.

Not quite "flats" and definitely not high (although some do come with a bit of a heel), loafers are perfect for women who want to look chic without having to resort to painful pumps or the tired but classic ballerina.

They also come in many prints, fabrics and leathers including patent, animal-print, suede, tweed and floral. They're versatile too, meaning they can be dressed down in jeans or dressed up in skirts and dresses.

Basically, when you own a loafer, the sky's the limit. Check out our 20 favourite loafers for fall below:

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