09/22/2014 02:15 EDT | Updated 11/22/2014 05:59 EST

Quebec youth centres plead for protection from budget cuts

The directors of youth centres across Quebec say they're worried about the effect of possible cuts in provincial funding on the kids who rely on their services.

Madeleine Bérard, head of Batshaw Youth and Family Centres, told CBC News that budget cuts over the last few years have already had an effect, and more cuts could be devastating.

Of special concern for Bérard is the impact new cuts could have on anglophone youth living in predominantly French-speaking areas of Montreal, where services for them are already limited. 

Bérard and other youth centre directors are calling on the province to prioritize children and youth, saying an investment in them is an investment in the province's future.

The Quebec government is undertaking broad funding cuts in a bid to balance the province's budget by 2015-2016.