09/23/2014 12:05 EDT | Updated 09/23/2014 12:59 EDT

Proof Ariana Grande Only Likes Her Left Side (PHOTOS)

Sure, her life coach may have quit on her, she may have disrespected her fans and she probably has a bit of a diva complex but Ariana Grande has one quirk that we think is endearing: her apparent obsession with her left side.

During an event held in Australia earlier this month, photographers were reportedly given strict instructions on how to photograph the pop star including not to use natural light and to only shoot her from the left side of her face. And while a few photos of her right side have slipped through, it seems clear that the 21-year-old "Problem" singer favours her left side. (Even paparazzi photos show her from her left.)

So, to prove once and for all that Ariana really only wants us to see one side of her, we take a look at the best photos of her left side.

Her Marie Claire cover

At the 2014 iHeartRadio after party

Making this kissy face

Doing her best Mariah Carey pose

Being interviewed

Singing her heart out

Yep, she's still singing and shoving her left side in your face

Looking all humble

Doing that whole looking over the shoulder thing

Hugging Nicki Minaj


Outshining Ryan Seacrest

What a tease

Oops! How did this get in here?

Walking Posing in the airport

Blowing kisses

Kissing Mickey

Giving a fierce stare

This still from her music video for "Break Free"

Doing this move

Hanging out with Santa