09/23/2014 04:01 EDT | Updated 09/23/2014 04:59 EDT

B.C. Fisherman Rescues Eagle In Heartwarming Tale Of Friendship (VIDEO)

Ah, the age old tale of bird and man.

A B.C. fisherman was out on his boat off Nanoose Bay when he spotted an eagle that appeared to be floating and struggling in the water.

Don Dunbar eased his 24-ft. boat towards the bird to let him come aboard, reported The Province.

"Hey, buddy!" he says in his YouTube video of the encounter, which has been viewed over 62,000 times since being uploaded on Saturday. "Whaddya figure? You wanna come aboard?"

The 12-minute video includes Dunbar scooping the eagle out of the water with a net. The drenched animal then perches calmly inside the boat.

"I gotta say, you're the most unusual fishing partner I've ever had," Dunbar jovially tells the bird.

Once they docked, the eagle was taken to Delta's Orphaned Wildlife Rehabilitation Society where it was discovered to be very malnourished, reported the Times Colonist.

But wildlife officials told The Province that the bird has begun eating on his own, a "tiny victory."

Turns out a man is a bird's best friend.

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