09/23/2014 12:08 EDT | Updated 11/23/2014 05:59 EST

Downtown Eastside street market: court decision expected

People selling stuff on the street in Vancouver's Downtown Eastside will find out this morning what the court has to say about illegal street market.

Each Sunday there's a city-sanctioned organized market in the neighbourhood, but Vancouver police have handed out tickets to some people for selling items the rest of the week.

Douglas King, a lawyer with Pivot Legal Society, says the four people the society is representing in the case are facing fines up to $250.

Kings says the Pivot argued in court last April that the fines are unconstitutional because the bylaw infringes on a person's right to security.

"There is obviously a great irony in giving somebody a $250 fine for behaviour which they're trying to do to survive."

"One of our clients testified that they sold belongings to try to — and did successfully — leave the sex trade,because of their ability to street vend."

In the past, Vancouver police have expressed concerns over people selling stolen goods and expired food on the street. The largest market can be found most days on East Hastings Street.

Pivot also has argued the bylaw is enforced almost exclusively on the Downtown Eastside.

The decision is expected this morning in Provincial Court in Vancouver