09/23/2014 10:59 EDT | Updated 09/23/2014 11:00 EDT

A Woman Spent Less Than $30 On Her Wedding Dress And It's Gorgeous

If you've ever watched an episode of "Say Yes To the Dress," then you're probably aware that many wedding dresses don't come cheap (especially if you're a Pnina Tornai fan).

At Kleinfeld (which is basically wedding dress mecca), dresses start at $1500 and can run upwards of $30,000.

But one woman decided she didn't want to spend her hard-earned money on a dress that most people only wear for one day in their entire lives.

Reddit user alkikat posted photos of her wedding dress, which she made herself for less than $30—and it looks good enough to be featured in any bridal store.

Alkikat explained that she crocheted her dress while on the bus during her commute to work. The total process took her about five months to complete the dress and the $30 paid for all the materials, including the fabric.

"My commute time couldn't be used for anything else anyway," she said in her Reddit thread. "The dress is also machine washable (I've washed it several times), doesn't wrinkle or need any special care, and I plan on wearing it again with linings of different colors and with the train bustled up in different ways."

Check out the amazing photos below:

You don't have to spend a fortune on your wedding dress:

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