09/24/2014 09:24 EDT | Updated 09/24/2014 09:59 EDT

No Surprise, This Dress Drew No Bids On eBay (PHOTO)

We're no strangers to amateur Photoshop jobs, but this listing for a cocktail dress on eBay takes photo alteration to a whole new level.

User rolobaila's listing (which has ended) purportedly advertised a pink prom/wedding/cocktail dress for US$9.

But the photo attached to the listing just showed a model with pink paint over her face and torso. The quality of the work just left us impressed that she didn't have her hands coloured over.

The Gloss showed a picture of what it called the actual dress, which looked only marginally like the one in the listing.

This gives a whole new meaning to dresses that look like they've been painted on. This one actually was.

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