09/24/2014 10:34 EDT | Updated 11/24/2014 05:59 EST

Eskimos Troll Riders Fans With Cheeky Radio Ads

REGINA - A cheeky advertising campaign is sparking interest in Friday's CFL game between the Edmonton Eskimos and the Saskatchewan Roughriders, but a spokesman for the home team admits there have been complaints.

The radio ad jokingly warns that Saskatchewan fans are about to descend on Edmonton and refers to them as "horrible human beings" and invites Eskimos supporters to "taste their delicious tears."

Transcription: "You know that guy, the irritating Saskatchewan Roughriders fan. Sorry, that's redundant: the Saskatchewan Roughriders fan. He's loud, obnoxious, and somehow manages to brag about his team winning a dominant four championships in just over a century. That guy. Well, he's going to the Eskimo game this Friday, and you should go too and watch his entire world crumble around him! Support your Eskimos! Tickets to the game are at Ticketmaster, starting at $32.50."

A second radio ad says:

"The Saskatchewan Roughriders have fantastic fans, even if they are horrible human beings. They're all coming to Commonwealth this Friday. Taste their delicious tears. Support your Eskimos! Tickets to the game are at Ticketmaster, starting at $32.50.

The droll and deadpan ads are similar in tone to ones that ran earlier this year disparaging Calgary just before a game against the Stampeders.

Allan Watt, vice-president of communications and marketing for the Eskimos, says they have received some calls of complaint.

But he hastens to point out that it's all meant in good fun, and that he's even originally from Saskatchewan.

While the ads aren't helping the Eskimos to win, Watt says they are helping at the box office, noting that nearly 50,000 fans are expected at Commonwealth Stadium for the game featuring the 9-3 Riders against the 8-4 Eskimos.

Watt says the Eskimos are just trying to do to Rider fans what the Riders do to fans in other cities by putting up billboards.

"If that humour misses the mark, then I guess we're not as funny as we intended to be," he says. "I hope people take it for what it is. I know (Saskatchewan) fans are passionate and good for them. People have pride in their province, as we do over here. It wasn't intended to offend anybody."



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