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Making A Scene: Pop Culture's Greatest Homages To 'The Shining'

"Making a Scene" is an AOL On Originals series featuring actor, director and film-buff James Franco. Each week, Franco will take his passion for movies and mash up two of cinema's most iconic flicks in a way only he can imagine.

Horror films come and go but few have left such a lasting impression on pop culture like "The Shining."

Even if you've never seen Stanley Kubrick's 1980 horror flick, you've undoubtedly come across something that's riffed on the movie-adaptation of the same-named Stephen King novel.

Perhaps it's a play on the unsettling image of the Grady daughters. Maybe you never understood the significance of "REDRUM" until now. Perhaps the phrase "HERE'S JOHNNY!" takes on a whole new significance once you've discovered its source material.

Television shows and music videos have borrowed some of the film's stand-out moments and now James Franco has decided to put his own twist on "The Shining." While horror and comedy have gone together for years, Franco decides to give the movie's most pivotal moments a heart-felt twist.

Give the video above a watch if you've ever wondered what the "The Shining" would look like as a romance and to see what other shows have paid homage to Kubrick's classic, check out the list below.

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