09/24/2014 08:11 EDT | Updated 09/24/2014 08:59 EDT

Lululemon Generated Better Press With This One Move Than It Did All Last Year (VIDEO, TWEETS)

"Friends are more important than money" is a key phrase in the Lululemonmanifesto, and it certainly made a friend out of a U.S. customer last week.

Angelo Lagdameo of Jasper, Ind., opened a package from the company recently, only to discover that Lululemon had sent him 19 extra running toques in the mail, which had a value of about $600 in total.

Lagdameo meant to send them back, but first notified the retailer of the mistake on Twitter. He didn't quite expect what would happen next.

Here is how their exchange unfolded on social media.

Lagdameo, who says he's now a "lifelong customer," will hand the toques out to friends, Business Insider reported.

And while the move appears generous, the website also pointed out that it's a shrewd one: Lululemon has gained a shopper for life and 19 new clients who are aware of its customer service.

Or perhaps this is a PR move on the company's part. Lululemon has generated better press in this one story than it did over the whole of 2013.

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